Inquiry in the Science Classroom – Starts June 12th

Intel® Teach – Inquiry in the Science Classroom

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Course begins June 12th.  Late registration is open until midnight of June 19th.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Inquiry in the Science Classroom is an e-learning course for teachers that will explain and demonstrate the inquiry process indepth with interactive activities and locally relevant classroom examples.   This course is more than just for science teachers.  It is a course for all teachers that would like to incorporate inquiry within all curriculum areas not just science. The course will build a foundation for inquiry and provide the rationale and research basis, common misconceptions, and specific strategies for inquiry as part of any science learning, regardless of the science discipline. It will promote best practices for improving scientific inquiry and will help both the teacher with weak science inquiry background but it will also reinforce teachers more experienced with inquiry.

This is a five-six week course in which you will receive 30 continuing education units or optional 2 graduate credit hours from Adams State.

For additional information, please contact Carolyn Gardner at [email protected].

Bookings are closed for this event.

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